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  1. Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları
  2. Suborbital Spaceplane company XCOR files for bankruptcy –
  3. Table of contents
  4. Suborbital research enters a time of transition

Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand XCOR's value proposition. He notes, "Through building a strong community of not only individual enthusiasts but corporate futurists, Cosmica Visionaries will lead Europe and the world towards a progressive future. XCOR will provide us with the capability to offer safe, reliable travel to the edge of space and beyond for the good of humanity.

Some firms such as NanoRacks already have capabilities on orbit at the ISS and will use Lynx as a qualification platform, others are teamed with launch services providers who have other on orbit resources like new commercial cargo and crew systems who will be using Lynx for pre-cursor missions.

Jason Andrews, President of Andrews Space and Spaceflight Services commented, "We are working with experimenters and scientists who will be using the SpaceX unpressurized Dragon Lab capsule for standalone on-orbit research and transport of experiments to the ISS, so having the ability to test in the vacuum of space with XCOR's Lynx platform prior to sending something up on a Falcon 9 is a very powerful tool for our customers. General Droste noted, "The Netherlands has a long history of pioneering ventures in general and in particular with micro-gravity research and atmospheric studies, so as we prepare to take on our own wet lease of a Lynx vehicle for flights in Curacao, we will also be laying the groundwork and seeding the market for future suborbital research funded by private industry, government and groups like the European Space Agency ESA.

The integrators will provide a variety of additional value added services depending on their individual service offering and customer needs, including, but not limited to fabrication, test and qualification of experiments for the Lynx environment. XCOR will be responsible for: 1 developing and periodically updating the Lynx interface control document, payload user's guide and other payload related processes and procedures in consultation with the payload integration specialists, end customers and regulators; 2 operating an annual Lynx payload user's group conference to solicit feedback and promulgate best practices across the payload integrators network and user community; 3 addressing any specific non-standard needs identified by payload integration specialists and their customers such as special flight trajectories or unique vehicle integration needs; 4 any special licensing or regulatory actions pertaining to the flight; and 5 with the integration specialist and customer, performing a final safety and pre-flight review meeting before the mission is flown and a de-briefing of the mission after flight.

Jae-Song Jo, Director of the Yecheon Astro Space Center noted, "We are impressed with the professionalism and excellent processes we've seen from XCOR and know that clients who demand precision and responsiveness will be well served. As we prepare for our own wet lease operations in the future, the early experience we gain by bringing South Korean and Asian science experiments to the US will only enhance that level of professionalism and establish us as a premier operator in Asia.

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Suborbital Spaceplane company XCOR files for bankruptcy –

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Table of contents

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Suborbital research enters a time of transition

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