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  1. Overall goal
  2. HM16 Session Analysis: Infectious Disease Emergencies: Three Diagnoses You Can’t Afford to Miss
  3. Infectious Diseases Emergencies - Oxford Medicine

Overall goal

The Core Plan provides guidance to all components of the response and is divided into modules, or chapters, that are based on the organizational chart. The use of modules provides responders with the information they need in short segments they do not need to read the entire plan to begin implementation ; allows for flexibility in response by allowing only required components to be activated without disrupting the flow of the plan; and, provides each module with clear information on their purpose, implementation approach, staffing needs, reporting, and available resources.

Situation Specific Annexes. The 4 Annexes are designed to supplement the Core Plan with specific guidance on how to respond to particular events.


The content in each Annex should be used in tandem with the general information in the Core Plan. The Appendices contain reference material to assist in the response.

HM16 Session Analysis: Infectious Disease Emergencies: Three Diagnoses You Can’t Afford to Miss

Examples of appendix items include maps, pre-written Health Alerts, protocols, forms, reference materials, and equipment instructions. Indoor Sampling Detection — available by request b. Read more. This process is underway, and will result in a set of research priorities that will form the basis of future activities.

Infectious Disease Threats

The finalisation of the research priority setting is anticipated in the third quarter of This will be updated as soon as more information is available. The Academy will provide interdisciplinary training opportunities, linking with existing training offerings and fostering network development and career support.

The full details of the offerings and opportunities within the Academy will be determined following the first year consultation process. The aim of this role will be to match data requirements across the different fields of APPRISE research public health, laboratory research, clinical research, key populations.

Infectious Diseases Emergencies - Oxford Medicine

The objective of the scoping exercise will be to harmonise data collection and storage methods across the different areas. This scoping exercise will be mindful of international standards and conventions.

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Data harmonization outside network: APPRISE will engage with international protocol harmonisation efforts for clinical trials and disease surveillance e.