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Bestselling Series

Chef Low published two cookbooks late last year - Teochew Heritage Cuisine which has restaurant and homecooked dishes and The Little Teochew Cookbook which features more street food. Both were published by Marshall Cavendish. Teochew food's unique characteristics are its emphasis on natural and subtle flavours, as well as being one of the healthier Chinese cuisine styles.

A lot of desserts incorporate a savoury element like pork lard, spring onion or fermented red bean curd. It's unconventional and the emphasis is on balance," he explains. Chef Low travelled to the Chaosan region in China as well to find out more about traditional dishes, as reflected in his cookbook which also features his own dishes recreated for the modern palate while maintaining the original Teochew nuances. The sections in the book cover cold dishes, soups and porridge, meat, poultry, seafood, egg and vegetable dishes.

Eurasian cuisine of Singapore and Malaysia - Wikipedia

One is the traditional rice wine-glazed black beans but paired with lychee pearls and vanilla ice-cream. The sweet bean dish is traditionally made only when the family has a first-born male child. Another is sugar-cured pork jowl which his grandfather used to make for grand banquets - but can hardly be found in Singapore today.

It required her to watch her grandmother, Theresa, cook - and painstakingly measure or eyeball the ingredients she put in and record the process of how each dish is made.

She also asked about the background of each dish and where it came from, to get a better sense of the spicy fusion cuisine which is a marriage of Portuguese, Indian and Malay ingredients. Some dishes took 10 to 20 observations before Ms Noronha was satisfied that she got it right.

The Things Eurasians Say - Vanishing Home Recipes - CNA Insider

It was a challenge but the pay-off for Ms Noronha, 29, was that she also got to spend a lot of time with her grandmother. But the meat here is wrapped in cabbage leaves - very European - and flavoured with aromatics such as cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise, which are so much part of the English stew tradition.

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I serve it as a starter if there are guests; on its own if my husband and I want only substantial soup for dinner; or with rice and other dishes if the family comes round. A dollop of sambal belacan roasted shrimp paste with chilli adds zing to the mouthful, something the Peranakans like, revealing clearly the Malay influence on local palates.

Besides being rich in flavour and heritage, the cabbage roll is truly a healthy dish if you opt for lean minced meat. While doing so is not traditional, you can substitute the pork mince with chicken mince, if you are so inclined. I also cook the rolls by boiling, reducing the fat content even further. Indeed, I do this even with my daily vegetables, rather than stir-frying. And while thrifty housewives of old would use just water for the soup, you could boost the taste with chicken stock, store-bought or made from scratch.


Packaged stock, if you choose the organic variety, has the advantage of being already skimmed of fat, raising the health stakes even higher. While the Chinese have a similar dish of meatballs with cabbage, an everyday recipe, this one can be a party dish if you tie the rolls with lengths of spring onion or scallion, softened by scalding, creating a pretty picture. The scallion ties have the added benefit of securing the rolls during the cooking, though I make sure that the parcels are not subject to hard boiling, which could unravel them. I also take the precaution of laying the rolls firmly against one another in a shallow braising dish to cook, serving them later in the same dish to prevent the rolls from becoming undone.

That said, do not worry if the rolls do unravel during the cooking, for you are eating good old-fashioned comfort food and the taste, rather than the looks, matters more. Sylvia Tan is a freelance writer and cookbook author. Scald the cabbage leaves and stalks of spring onion with boiling water. Remove the leaves when they have softened and rinse them in cold tap water to stop the cooking. Shave off a little of the centre rib of each cabbage leaf to make it easier to roll.

Eurasian Heritage Cooking. Quentin Pereira

Separate the spring onion leaves. Mix together the minced pork, egg, light soya sauce, cinnamon powder and pepper to make the filling. Return to Book Page. Preview — Eurasian Heritage Cooking.

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